P-Tech Open House: Dec. 6, 2018

For students in 8th grade and their parents: the first of two Open House programs for the new Capital Region BOCES P-Tech Program at is scheduled for this coming Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018.  A second Open House is scheduled for January 9, 2019. Both programs will be offered at 5:30 and 7:00 pm.

Below is a brief description of this new program offering,  as well as a link to the flyer for the Open House.  (CRCS students attend the Center for Advanced Technology at Mohonasen High School).


“Capital Region Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) is a four to six year program (grades 9-14) focused on engaging students in hands-on, project-based learning to be successful in careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Students who successfully complete the program earn a high school diploma and an associate’s degree at no cost in a high-tech field. Graduates are first in line for a job with industry partners in the growing field of information technology.”

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Dates for parents of 8th graders

The HS Transition and Planning work with our 8th grade students will begin during January 2019, with in class presentations regarding HS graduation requirements, a work session exploring self and careers on Naviance, our parent night program at the High School, and culminating with individual conferences to discuss HS/grade 9 course planning.

The following dates are set for specific events:

In school for interested 8th grade students:  Tech Valley HS Information Session, January 8, 2019 (with a snow date of January 11, 2019)

For parents and students:  our annual Grade 8 Parent Night program at CR High School, February 7, 2019, beginning with a kick off in the HS Auditorium.

More information will be forthcoming as well, via mail home as well as announcements here at school.

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Tech Valley HS Information Session

Tech Valley HS Session

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Exploring Careers…

During the month of October we began our career exploration unit with the 7th grade students, introducing them to Naviance, a college and career readiness program used at both Golding Middle School and the Cobleskill-Richmondville High School.  The timing couldn’t have been more fortuitous, as I also had the good fortune to be selected to participate in “The Food and Farm Experience” offered by the New York State Farm Bureau, in Poughkeepsie, NY.  Living in a rural, agriculture part of the state, we often think along very traditional lines when it comes to careers, based on what we currently have an experience with and/or exposure to.  Working with students to expand that experience is a big part of a school counselors job.

The Food and Farm Experience provided me with an expanded view of careers tied to agriculture.  Opportunities involving engineering, plant and animal science, agribusiness, welding, mechanics, environmental sciences, sustainability, computer science and other STEM related connections abound.  Connections can be made from so many diverse areas that integrate with the world of agriculture.

Career exploration and development is all about getting to know ourselves better, and making connections to future opportunities, and the pathways to having a career and adult life that provides not only for our individual needs, but fosters connections to the communities in which we live. 7th grade students were able to complete a Career Key interest inventory to begin to take that first look at their interests and how they may relate to different career areas.  This is a developing and ongoing process.  Even as adults, it can be beneficial to revisit these discussions as we continue to grow and develop new skills, interests, and opportunities.

In the coming months I hope to share out more about this experience, but wanted to start now with “planting a seed ” to encourage all of us to have these conversations with our children regarding our own career choices, the things that have influenced our lives, and how we can continue to support our children in their developing career identities.

**Check this video for more ideas about why we all should be concerned with agriculture.  NY Farm Bureau “Every Farmer”



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How to Talk With Your Teen About Instagram

Social Media has become the “go to” approach our kids use to stay connected.  Scholastic, Inc has provided a helpful guide for parents to help facilitate our conversations with our children regarding what it is an how they use it, which is far more than just sharing photos.

To access this helpful guide please visit scholastic.com/instagram.  Let’s keep the conversation going with our daughters/sons.

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Ways to Praise our Kids

Some research I’ve been reading lately has presented an interesting shift in the ways we support and encourage our children as learners.  Learning to praise our kids for the strategies and processes they develop to solve problems, not just praising them for being smart, can make a big difference as they progress through their school years.

What the researchers are suggesting is helping shift from having a Fixed Mindset (the belief that intelligence is innate), to a Growth Mindset (that intelligence and problem solving abilities can be developed over time).  What does this look like from a parent perspective when praising our kids?  One writer suggests to “Praise your child explicitly for how capable they are of learning rather than telling them how smart they are.”

The research suggests that students who develop a Growth Mindset are better able to establish goals that allow for learning at all times (even when not successful the first time), see the value in effort and learn from failure, and are less likely to become bored.

As adults, we have learned strategies to help us work through the daily problems that may arise, sometimes more successfully than others.  The challenge is to help our children to learn to develop these same strategies now, as they are growing, to help them to become more independent as learners and problem solvers. Learning to prioritize, organize, manage time, ask for help, and look for ways to solve a problem, rather than waiting for someone to “fix it” for us, can be the greatest lesson learned.  And haven’t we all been there?

For more information on Growth vs. Fixed Mindset research, please visit the following link:


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Supports for children who’ve experienced loss

The 39th  offering of “Camp Forget-Me-Not” will be held at the New York State Power Authority Gilboa-Blenheim Visitor Center in North Blenheim on Saturday, October 29 and Sunday, October 30 from 9:30-4:00.  This camp, offered by Catskill Area Hospice and Palliative Care, offers fun, games, and opportunities for learning and healthy grieving for children and teens who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

The camp is open to all school-aged children (K-12) in Schoharie, Otsego, and Delaware counties who have experienced the loss of a loved one. The camp is offered free of change and is staffed by professional grief counselors, with a Registered Nurse present at all times.  Please contact Rod Roberts, Camp Director, at 607-432-5525 with questions, or to register by October 21.



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